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Council activities

  • Executive meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. via Zoom.

  • Regular meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12:00 noon in St. Peter's Parish hall.

  • Pancake breakfasts are served 4th Sunday in January; Mother's and Father's Day (May-June); and every 3rd Sunday (Sept.-Dec.; Feb-Apr.) after the 10:30 Mass in St. Peter's Parish Hall.

  • Knights

    • are involved in numerous church and liturgical activities, including ushering, ministers of the Eucharist, choir, parish council, etc.

    • help the local CWL with its Sunday-after-Mass coffee hour, setting up tables for various events, etc.

    • maintain St.Peter's cemetery, church and rectory grounds

    • help the parish raise funds through various projects, including: flower basket delivery, 'Eat Around the World', etc.

    • are serving at least 3-4 pancake breakfasts in needy local elementary schools

  • Annual activities include:

    • actively supporting the State's Online Charity Appeal Drive

    • organize a Baby Crib campaign for the local pregnancy centre

    • support the annual March For Live in Victoria

  • In last year, 2023, our Council was able to volunteer 2,462 hours of charitable work and contributed $16,316 to various charities in our community. THANK YOU to all members who gave of their time and talents. The Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, stated in his annual address to all Knights a few years ago: "Each of the local councils makes a tremendous contribution to the Church and society through volunteer service. We are building a better world one council at a time, one act of charity at a time.''

Calendar of activities

Calendar of Activities

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