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1). The Knights of Columbus Emblem
A detailed description of our emblem, courtesy of the Quebec State Council. 
Click here to read the description.

2). Practicing Catholic
One of the vexing issues for every Knight, and indeed every Catholic, is the definition and understanding of "practicing Catholic". Surfing the Diocese of Prince George website, I came across Bishop Wiesner's very excellent letter "Practicing Catholic" of Oct. 1998. With his permission, I have posted this letter on our site in the hope that all Brother Knights will read and learn from it.   (HJF, webmaster)
Click here to read the letter. 

3). Our Council's Half a Century of Service to Church and Community
On May 16, 2004 our Council celebrated its 50th anniversary as a council. On this page, we remember and honour the many Knights of Mid-Island Council #3842 who have served faithfully over the last fifty years. 

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Click here to see  our  Anniversary program.

4). Father Michael J. McGivney Guild
A brief overview of the purpose and function of the Guild with links to the Supreme Guild webpage. For any questions or further information, please contact Brother Hans Fadum at 250-754-1694
Click here to read about the Guild
Click here for the Father McGivney website
Click here for online 'Membership Application Form'

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