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Fun Day at Park Avenue School, May 27, 2023

Our entire crew!
Fun at the Bouncy Castles....
...and at the homes of Action Heroes!
Nothing beats this fabulous ball.
Bros. Dominic, Dan, and Greg are preparing the burger and hot dog buns.
Bro. Barry is proud of his hamburgers and hot dogs ... and just look at the size of them!
Yes, Bro. Dan approves of Bro. Barry's work.
Oh good, here go the onions onto those burgers!
Yes, another happy customer gets her super-sized hot dog!
Wow, these hot dogs are big and good!
Bro. Garnet sells a can of pop under the watchful eye of Bro. Dan.
And another card is punched by Bro. Garnet for a beverage or snack.
The Annual March for Life, Victoria, B.C., May 11, 2023
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