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The Knights of Columbus Emblem

Emblem of the Knights of Columbus

The Columbian coat of arms consists solely of straight lines and angles, symbolising the determination, tenacity, firmness and courage that the Order's founders had to demonstrate in the face of difficulties to surmount, problems to solve to defend their faith and their rights in a milieu ill-suited to the growth of their Movement.

Figures and Symbols
The Columbian Coat of Arms contains three symbolic elements: the sword, the anchor and the battle axe, recalling the noble and illustrious deeds of the Order's founders.

The sword and the anchor, placed one over the other, form a sort of "X" or St Andrew's cross.

The sword symbolises honour, distinction, bravery and courage.

The anchor, an instrument designed to hold a ship in place, represents that which attaches, stops, consolidates and stabilises.

The battle axe, placed on the shield, symbolises action taken to overcome obstacles or ambushes on the road to accomplishing one's objectives.

The bundle represents the solid grouping of people come together to realise a common ideal under the guidance of a recognised leader. It symbolises teamwork, the strength inherent in unity and fraternity.

The helmet, placed on the upper part of the Coat of Arms represents rank or degree of nobility. On the coat of arms of a warrior it is the noblest and principal ornament.

The little white triangle, above the helmet and pointing upward, symbolises the flame which lights and guides.

The Colours
The blue (azure), represents the sky, that is, God who watches over the world. It is the symbol of hope, peace, and confidence.

The white (silver) is innocence, frankness and purity of intention.

The yellow (gold) denotes indestructible goods, the richness that comes with hard work.

The red (mouth) symbolises giving of one's self, courage, valour and heroism in the fight for one's faith, one's language and one's rights.

(By courtesy of KofC Quebec State Council,

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